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18 November 2016
Research on integrated care & ICT - the Fund M-E. & G. De Beys will provide a grant of € 90.000
Deadline to apply: 21/03/2017 + MORE
Research in clinical cardiology - joint call of the Funds J.O. Waldmann-Berteau & Walckiers Van Dessel – Grant of
€ 100.000
Deadline to apply: 29/03/2017 + MORE
Reminder call
Research on Cystic Fibrosis – joint call of the Fund A. & J. Forton and the Belgian Cystic Fibrosis Association – Total budget € 1.550.000
Deadline to apply: 24/01/2017 + MORE
Reminder call
Research in geriatric medicine - both Funds M-Th. De Lava & R. Schneider aim to support geriatricians to develop their research career
Deadline to apply: 15/03/2017 + MORE
Reminder call
Research into neurodegenerative diseases of the brain (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease) – joint call of the Funds Malou Malou & Perano – Grant of € 150.000
Deadline to apply: 13/03/2017 + MORE
Supported project
The Fund J & A Van de Voorde has provided a grant of
€ 235.240 to Linda de Meirleir (UZ Brussel) and Bernard Dan (ULB)
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